EBC Phased Approach and Guidelines

EBC's Current Guidelines for Gathering

Published February 2021

The Federal government has issued advice that should guide governors and mayors as they consider lifting restrictions on gathering, work, and travel. Constitutionally, decisions rest finally with state governors, not the federal government or the President of the United States. Effective January 11, 2021, Governor Inslee launched the Healthy Washington – Road to Recovery plan. According to this plan, Washington is divided into 8 regions that will be evaluated according to 4 metrics to established the phase of recovery for that region. You can read the whole plan here,  
The following is EBC’s plan to continue ministry under the current guidelines.

In Phase 1 and 2 of “Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery”:

  • Offer both in-person and online Sunday morning services.
  • We strongly recommend that high-risk, vulnerable populations stay home and take advantage of our online service.
  • Small groups, bible studies, youth group, college and career, etc. may meet on campus at EBC. Mask, distancing, occupancy and other guidelines will be enforced.
  • Indoor service guidelines
- Occupancy: limited to 25% of building capacity. Our capacity for the MPB is approximately 700 and the chapel is approximately 270.
- Our registration max will be 150 for the MPB and 60 for the Chapel.
- Seating in both buildings will be according to family groups with 6 Ft. distance between groups. Distance measured from center of chair.
- Masks or face shields will be worn by everyone* before, during, and after services whether inside or outside.
Exception: the main speaker and lead singers may remove masks while behind plastic shields in order to facilitate communication with those who have hearing issues.
  • Online registration will be utilized for any gatherings that may approach the capacity limits or where specific seating arrangements are needed.
  • Counseling, membership interviews, discipling and other in-home or in-office services will be limited to 5 individuals (excluding organization staff). Individuals do not need to be from the same household. Face coverings are required for all participants.
  • Communion will be observed on the first Sunday of every month. Individual communion elements will be placed at each seating group before the service according to online registration. Each seating group will collect and dispose of their own communion cups.
  • Restrooms with running water and plenty of soap for handwashing are available to all. If all stalls are occupied, please wait outside the restroom on one of the floor dots until someone exits the restroom.
  • The nursery area is available for parents to have a space to watch their own children. At this time, no church-staffed supervision is available. The service will be live-streamed to the nursery so that parents can still participate. Please check the nursery option when you register for services.

    *Unless you have a legitimate, medical exemption from wearing a mask.