Building Use Request

The facilities and equipment of Edgewood Bible Church exist for the primary purpose of being used by its members and ministries. Regularly scheduled church meetings and activities of Edgewood Bible Church will have first priority in the use of the facilities. There also may be unforeseen emergencies (i.e. funerals, etc.) which will take precedence over any other room reservation. Other church-related meetings and functions would have second priority. Edgewood Bible Church reserves the right to restrict use of its facilities at will and/or subject to its beliefs and practices. The event shall be cancelled at any time if the actual usage of the building does not meet with the standards and policies of Edgewood Bible Church as set forth by its Elder Board.

God has blessed us with these buildings and grounds. These guidelines are designed to help us be good stewards of our church home to the glory of God.
  • Please limit your use of the building only to those areas requested by your group.
  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the premises.
  • No smoking is allowed inside the building.
  • Speech and actions shall reflect that you are in the Lord's House.
  • Minors must at all times have adequate adult supervision.
  • Do not touch the security, fire detectors or heating/air conditioning thermostats unless you have received separate instructions and authorization to do so.
  • The sound system in the Multi-Purpose Building (MPB) must be operated by one of our Sound Technicians, and they will be compensated separately for their work.
  • All decorations must be attached in a manner that will not leave any damage, and they must be removed at the completion of the activity.
  • You will need to supply your own paper products, supplies and food. You may use the Kitchen along with any utensils and dishware (though not the paper products: plates, cups, etc.) as long as they are cleaned and returned to their place afterwards.
  • You may use the Nursery facilities if needed, but children cannot be left unattended, and the rooms must be put in order at the completion of the activity.