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Who leads the church?

Ultimately, Jesus is the one who leads, shepherds, and builds his church (Matthew 16:18, Hebrews 13:20, 1 Peter 5:4). But in each local church, Jesus has placed elders to love, lead, and care for His church under His leadership. So what is an elder? An elder is a biblically-qualified, Spirit-called man, who fulfills the character requirements of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, and is committed to loving, serving and leading the people of the church for their good and for God’s glory (1 Peter 5:2-3).

Additionally, the church is to be led by a group of qualified elders. This is a consistent pattern that we see throughout the entire New Testament (see Titus 1:5, James 5:14, or Acts 14:23 for example). In fact, every time the word “elder” is used in the New Testament, it is used in the plural (with the exception of times that John or Peter referred to themselves as an elder). Following the pattern of the New Testament means that Edgewood Bible Church is to be led by a true plurality of godly elders. We see much safety and wisdom in this approach. As Proverbs 11:14 states, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

In the New Testament, there are three terms that are used interchangeably for the office of elder: elder, overseer, and pastor or shepherd (see Titus 1:5-9, Acts 20:28,1 Peter 2:25, 1 Peter 5:1-3). These terms do not describe three different offices of leadership but rather three aspects of one office of leadership—they are descriptive of the type of work that an elder must do in leading the church.

At Edgewood, we use the terms “elder,” “pastor,” and “overseer” interchangeably.

Staff Pastors

Jeff Coulter

Lead Pastor
Jeff has served as our Lead Pastor since 2015. Prior to serving at Edgewood, he was a church-planting pastor in Stockholm, Sweden. He served as Associate Pastor in Puyallup and Michigan. He holds a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Appalachian Bible College. He is married to Katie and they have four daughters, Madelyn, Avery, Charlotte, and Lucy.

Trevor Ice

Associate Pastor
Trevor was born and raised in South Seattle though he traveled extensively during his 8 years as a Marine Corps Officer. Prior to EBC, Trevor has served as an Executive Pastor, Interim Lead Pastor, and Program Manager in global missions funding. He holds a Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is married to Rachel and they have five children, Kate, Lucy, Rowan, Marlow and Tyndale.

Zach Kispert

Assistant Pastor
Zach has the privilege of serving EBC in a variety of ways! He's been involved in this church body most of his life, and is currently a leader in both the youth group and musical worship ministries. Zach is the father of Shepherd.

Non-staff Pastors

Eric Peterson

Len Smith

Jeff Rogers

Non-staff  Pastor
Non-staff Pastor
Non-staff  Pastor
Eric has served the church family for over 25 years in different capacities. He and his wife, Pat, were instrumental in launching our Preschool ministry. You will find Eric regularly teaching a Sunday morning 'Equipping for Life' class.
Len and his wife Christy moved from San Diego to Puyallup to be closer to their three grown children who live in the Pacific Northwest. As a young married couple, they served on a church planting team in Lyon, France. Len currently leads the EBC Saturday morning Men’s Bible study. He spends his work days as a construction estimator and enjoys woodworking, gardening and reading as time permits.
Jeff has been a part of the EBC family since 2010 with his wife, Rebecca, and their three daughters.  He and his wife have served in children and youth ministries and are active members of the worship team.  They are also involved with a team that leads and teaches the college and career group in Sunday school, small groups and activities.

Staff Support Team

Becky Lutterloh

Susie Busse

Kristen Peterson

Finance Manager
Serving Coordinator
Office Manager/Women's Ministry
Becky has been a born again Christ follower since 1972.  She is most grateful for her salvation! She has been at EBC since 2017 and has served an accountant for many years before she decided to serve EBC with her gifts!
If you are interested in finding out about serving opportunities, Susie would love to help get you connected! Email info@EdgeBible.org
Kristin and her husband, Aaron, have been part of the EBC family since 2007. They have three children. Kristin is the office manager at EBC and greatly enjoys the privilege of serving the church and its leadership.

Who serves the church?

A deacon is a Spirit-filled model servant that serves the church, is selected by the church, and is set apart for the unity of the church (Acts 6:1-7). Deacons and deaconesses are essential for the body of Christ here at EBC. They aren't selected on the grounds of their competency, but rather, their character. When deacons and deaconesses thrive, pastor-elders thrive, and the whole church thrives. This is because deacons facilitate the ministry of Word and prayer. Pastor-elders need deacons to better oversee and be devoted to a ministry of Word and prayer, deacons need elders to better manage, administrate, and care for the practical needs of the church. The church needs both types of servant-leaders to flourish. Deacons and deaconesses are essential for the body of Christ here at EBC.