Heroes of the Faith FAQ

What ages are eligible to come to Vacation Bible School?
All children who are entering Kindergarten - 6th grade are eligible to participate! Invite friends and neighbors to join us, too! Be sure to enter the grade your child will enter in the fall during the registration process.

Is anyone eligible to volunteer at VBS?
We only allow teens and adults who regularly attend EBC to volunteer at our VBS. All VBS workers are required to complete EBC's screening process.

Are volunteer’s kids who are younger than kindergarten eligible to come?
Yes! We have full childcare for infants and toddlers of our VBS volunteers. We also have a full VBS curriculum for PreK.

What should my child wear?
Casual attire is best (shorts, t-shirts) with close-toes shoes (no flip flops, please; tennis shoes preferred). Your child will have a game time outside every day, and they will need to be comfortably dressed. Also, sometimes crafts can get a little messy, so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty. Put sunscreen on your child before dropping them off.

What should my child bring?
As little as possible. They will be moving from room to room, and unnecessary stuff can get lost easily.

May I stay on campus during VBS?
Parents are more than welcome to stay for the opening and closing sessions! For the safety of all children, any visitors or parents who wish to stay throughout the evening will need to remain in the main room.

What types of snacks will you serve?
VBS snacks each day will be fruit and pretzels (with a gluten-free option) or popcorn.
• Please note: You may provide an alternate snack for your child if they have an allergy contained above. If your child has an allergy/or a questionable allergy ingredient within something above, we must have a signed note from a parent that the child may eat all of the above. A child cannot authorize or give a verbal parental okay to eat the snacks if an allergy to any of the above has been listed on their registration form. If you would like to bring an alternative snack, please leave it with the kitchen crew.

How will my child’s food allergies be handled?
Make sure you indicate any allergies on this registration form. We have a daily snack and also provide a gluten-free alternative. If what we provide doesn’t work for your child, you are welcome to provide your own snack. Please leave your child’s snack (labeled) with the kitchen crew.
How do I know what group my child will be in?
We usually finalize the groups on the weekend before VBS begins so when you check in your child, your child will have the group’s assignment next to his/her name.

Can my child be in a group with a friend?
We try to honor requests for your child to be with their friends. All our games, crafts and lessons are geared towards specific ages, so if there is a large age gap between children (more than one grade) we would ask that your child stays in their appropriate group.

What time should I bring my child?
Monday registration will open at 6:00pm. The main session doors will open at 6:10pm for drop off.
• Main session doors will open for kids at 6:15pm Tuesday - Friday.
• We ask that a parent/adult walk your child into the building and drop them off at their group each day.

How do I pick up my child?
Please park and come in to pick up your child(ren). We will ask you to show your security tag upon entry into the building. Once you show your security tag to those at registration, you are allowed entry into the building to pick up your child. Please remember your child’s group and you are also required to sign your child out on the class roster.
• If you forget or lose your child’s security tag, please visit the registration table for a replacement. Please note that a picture of the tag is permissible for entry, so it would be a good idea to save a picture of it on your phone as soon as you receive it in case it is lost or forgotten.

What if someone other than me is picking up my child?
Please let your child’s leader know at drop-off if someone other than you will be picking up your child. Be sure to give your child’s security tag or send a picture of it to that person. If that person does not have your child’s security tag, he/she will be asked to step aside until you can be contacted.

What if I need to get in contact with my child while they are at VBS?
Please contact the church office at 253-927-2767

Is there a cost?
No, but we will be featuring a mission’s project throughout the week. Feel free to give a donation to that project. We also collect food for our food pantry. The following items are the daily needs for the food pantry:

Monday: Bring anything!

Tuesday: Canned Fruit and Veggies
Wednesday: Cereal, Oatmeal, Granola Bars, Peanut Butter

Thursday: Hamburger Helper, Instant Potatoes, Spaghetti, Pasta Sauce, Noodles, Pork and Beans

Friday: Canned Soup, Spam, Tuna, Canned Chicken, Chili, Stew, Canned Ravioli/Spaghetti